The Association of Irish Racehorse Owners, Promotes and Protects the Interests of Irish Racehorse Owners.


Racing clubs like syndicates are an ideal introduction to racehorse ownership.

- There is no limit to the number of members but a minimum of two and maximum of four trustees must be registered as owners to carry out the administration responsibilities of the Club.
- An account will be opened in the name of the racing club.
- The Club name will appear as the owner on the race card.
- Each Trustee should register as an owner but only one will need to apply for racing colours and complete the authority to act.

In addition please sublmit the following:
1. Copy of Rules and Constitution of Club. These should include a dissolution clause stating that, should the club be disbanded, all HRI fees will be paid off as a priority.
2. List of club members with their addresses, which must be complete and up to date.
3. An undertaking in writing to supply the Registry Office with a list of all new members after registration.
4. Name and address of club bankers and solicitors.
5. Name of trustees of club.
6. Date of foundation of club.
7. Details of past and present officers, if any.