The Association of Irish Racehorse Owners, Promotes and Protects the Interests of Irish Racehorse Owners.


A company can register as an owner subject to approval by HRI.

The company name will appear as the owner on the racecard and HRI account.
A registered agent, usually a company director or secretary, must be appointed to carry out administrative duties with HRI on behalf of the company.
The nominated agent must become a registered owner.
The company registration fee of €550 is additional to the minimum opening balance of €1,000.
A company may take up to 4 weeks to register
Must be registered with the Companies Registrar Office

In addition to the owner registration form the following documentation must be submitted when applying to register:
1. Copy of Certificate of Incorporation.
2. Copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association.
3. Details of shareholders & directors of the company, including addresses. In the case of a public limited company, shareholders names & addresses are not required.
4. Copy of Minute certifying appointment of a Registered Agent. This must be issued under seal and the Registered Agent should be a representative of the company, i.e. company secretary or company director. A recognised Company shall only be entitled to exercise the powers of an owner through its Registered Agent.
5. Copy of the latest Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account.
6. Letter to guarantee that annual accounts will be supplied when requested.
7. A1/B1 form (available from company registrar)