The Association of Irish Racehorse Owners, Promotes and Protects the Interests of Irish Racehorse Owners.

Money Matters

Prize Money:
Commenting on the prize money budget, HRI Director of Racing Jason Morris stated: “HRI is committed to offering prize money which bears the most favourable international comparison. HRI intends to ensure that all horses are rewarded broadly in accordance with their ability throughout their careers. There is a particular emphasis on maintaining high levels of prize money for the highest quality races under both codes, which will hopefully lead to even more top class horses being campaigned in Ireland in the future”.

Prize Money Deducations
Gross prize money won  €10,000
Entry and declaration fee  €90.00
SEBS (3%) & SSA (0.1%)  €310.00
Jockey Emergency Fund  €100.00
Trainers Share  €950.00
Jockeys share  €950.00
Net gain to owner  €7,600.00


Racing Charges

An owner can expect the following deductions from their account when entering and racing a horse.

*Entry Fee 0.7% of total race value (races value €20000 or less)
Declaration Fee 0.2% of total race value
**Bookage Fee €13.50 for an ordinary race
Jockey Fee per Race €163.89 Flat / €187.36 National Hunt

*Entry and declaration fees can vary for certain races.
** Higher Charges apply for pattern, group and listed races.
# Subject to national wage agreement increases.
Subject to VAT 13.5% if the jockey is VAT registered.

Cost of Ownership

The following table gives an estimate of the cost of keeping a horse in training for a year including four race runs. This information should be used as a guide only as costs will vary depending on the trainer, type of race entry and unforeseeable veterinary and travel costs.

Training Fees €15200
Entry & riding fees €2,500
Routine veterinary/Farrier €1,700
Transport €1000
Total €20,400