The Association of Irish Racehorse Owners, Promotes and Protects the Interests of Irish Racehorse Owners.


Two to four registered owners form a racing partnership. The horse runs in the colours of the first named partner. Please note a partnership can be registered for named horses only. Partnerships are subject to an annual renewal fee unless cancelled in writing by all partners.

For publication purposes a partnership owned horse can run under one of the following formats:
• The first named partner (this name must appear on the racecard except where horse runs in collective name),
• A collective partnership name eg. The Steady Freddie Partnership.
• A combination of all or some of the partners involved

When registering a partnership there are 2 accounting options available:
1. All debits and credits will be processed in proportion to a partner’s shareholding as indicated on the Partnership Form. In this case please forward written instruction with the application instructing the distribution of accompanying funds.
2. All debits and credits may be processed through the account of the first named partner by ticking the appropriate box on the Partnership Form. In this case please forward one collective opening balance with written instruction that all registration costs are to be deducted from this sum.

How to set up a partnership:
The first named partner should complete an OwnerRegistration Form. Further partners should completean Owner registration Form (partners 2,3,4 only) and ever one involved should sign the Partnership registration Form.

Remember only the first named partner needapply for racing colours and Authority to Act and for thisreason they will need to lodge at least €1000.

The additional partners, depending on share proportion should lodge at least €500 each. If you choose to lodge one collective amount please specify, in writing, how you wish the funds to be distributed among the accounts.