The Association of Irish Racehorse Owners, Promotes and Protects the Interests of Irish Racehorse Owners.

Racing Your Horse

With your trainer appointed and the horse in training you are on track for the track. Depending on the rate of progress it may be time to register with Horse Racing Ireland. New owners are registered every Monday - provided the application is received, in order, by the previous Friday - club and company registrations may take up to four weeks to finalise.

What owner format suits you?
Firstly you need to establish what type of ownership best suits you. This often depends on how you wish to appear on the racecard. For example if it is simply an individuals name then sole ownership is the way to go. If there are a couple of people involved a partnership may be more suitable as either the individual’s names or a “partnership” name can be used and so on depending on the situation.

How to open your HRI acount
Regardless of what format you choose every owner, trainer and jockey must open a HRI account. To open this account please return the appropriate registration forms with the minimum opening balance of E500 to HRI. All cheques and drafts should be made payable to HRI. If you choose to email or fax your applications please give clear instruction as to how you wish to make the initial payment. Credit card payments can be accepted by phone. An initial deduction from the opening balance will be made for registration fees (colours, owner registration, partnership fee etc) and then the balance will remain in the account to cover entry and riding expenses.  Your HRI account can be “topped up” with cash, cheque/draft or by credit/debit card. Please retain the account number for your convenience.

Account ACCES
The account holder has sole access to this account unless authority is given in section 5 of the owner registration form.

Expenses or winnings relating to a race will not be processed until the day after the race (or the following Monday in the case of Saturday fixtures). However, winnings will not become available until 16 days after the race. This holding is to facilitate the drug testing policy applied to every winner of every race in Ireland. Prize money won by an Irish trained horse abroad is processed through that countries racing authority and then automatically lodged into the owner’s HRI account. This process may take up to 6 weeks incorporating the 16 day holding period in the UK. Winnings are not taxable assuming that being a racehorse owner is not the individual’s principle business. However, HRI recommend that each owner consult their own financial advisor in this regard as each individuals situation can differ. To withdraw all or a fraction of these winnings simply contact the client accounts department on 00 353 45 455444.

Time Scale
New owners are registered every Monday provided that HRI have received the opening balance and necessary documentation, in order, by the previous Friday. Please note that incomplete applications or insufficient funds will result in all documentation being returned UNREGISTERED.

Bank Account
As part of a government directive, all owners must submit bank details with their applications. In the case of syndicates and partnerships this only applies to the agent and accounting partners respectively. HRI do not have access to this account. It is purely to facilitate the transfer of funds OUT of your HRI account and INTO your nominated bank account.